Sunday, 5 July 2009

Boho Butterfly Earrings

Thank you to the lovely customer in the United States who contacted me recently to enquire about my 'Boho Butterfly' Ribbon Bracelet featured below in 'Welcome to the Secret Garden'. She also asked me if I would be interested in designing a pair of matching earrings. Sweet music to my ears!

I was delighted. There's nothing I love more than a creative challenge! It pushes you that bit further to explore avenues you may never have gone down. And who knows where they might lead?

'Boho Butterfly' Earrings

In this case, a pair of sparkling amethyst czech glass beads were just crying out to be combined with some violet organza ribbon, pretty lampwork beads and freshwater pearls. Not forgetting those gorgeous, dancing silver butterfly charms. I'm so pleased with the result that I can feel a whole new line of earrings coming on. Watch this space!

I hope that the lovely lady who inspired me to make them gets as much pleasure from wearing them as I had designing them.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Welcome to the Secret Garden

Hello and welcome to my blog, where I hope to share my art and jewellery; excerpts of my writing; as well as my inspirations.

Lately, my imagination has been firing on all cylinders as I develop my Jewellery Collection for sale in my Etsy and Folksy shops. As my heart leapt at the arrival of a sparkling treasure-trove of beads and charms, and my fingers worked them into various vintage-inspired adornments, I began to feel a surge of stories well deep within.

To me, if much-loved jewellery could speak it would share a rich seam of memories. Although inspired by the past, my pieces were new, never worn. In some cases mere willo-the-wisps floating around in the ether. But still the stories persisted. Not just my own imagined stories, but enchanted tales that have stayed with me since childhood. And the one that I heard speak to me again and again? 'The Secret Garden'.

Perhaps Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic has been a long-forgotten catalyst for my love of walled gardens. The lure of unearthing an ancient key that unlocks a creaking gate hidden behind a tangled veil of ivy whispers to me of magic; of paradise lost waiting to be found, where anything is possible! Maybe that's the real reason I love to stroll within the towering stone walls, among the herbaceous borders, sundials and rambling roses.

'Boho Butterfly' Ribbon Bracelet

Whatever it is, it has inspired a range of jewellery blossoming with satin and organza flowers, butterfly charms, and antique keys just waiting to unlock the doors to secret gardens....

'Vintage Rose' Necklace

This source of inspiration runs deep. I'm at the beginning of my journey. The perfect excuse to indulge my senses in the beauty of a walled garden or two very soon. And who knows, perhaps if I look hard enough I may even spot the rusting lock to a forgotten door hidden in the ivy....!

'Green Goddess' Necklace